Our Cenflex founder has been in the industry since 1973, first apprenticing with an engine expert and then literally working his way from the bottom up. Along the way, he’s learned a lot – and all of it benefits you. How so? Just imagine all of the unique piping systems he’s seen in the last four decades, all the questions asked, research done, and solutions provided. Who better to puzzle out the challenges you face and determine how to most competently and cost-effectively meet them?

In 1992, Scott Sauer founded Cenflex. Just five years later, Cenflex moved to a new facility that was twice the size of the original facility. In 1999 – just two years later – they did the same again. In 2001, Cenflex constructed its own facility. By 2006, the facility has tripled in size, with 40,000 square feet filled with the finest technology and professionals in the business. 2017 marked the 25th anniversary of Cenflex.