Custom Engineered

Your piping system has been designed for a very specific purpose. So why would you use generic connectors, assemblies, hoses, expansion joints, nuts, bolts, and gaskets that could compromise your system? You need robust, custom-engineered flexible metal products built to fit the unique demands and physical stressors of your system.

Cenflex, Your Flex Connector Connection, provides custom engineering and quality testing of the flexible metal components that keep your systems connected. Cenflex metal assemblies, hoses, expansion joints, exhaust systems, and flex connectors are custom-designed to meet and exceed the physical and operational specifications of your system.

Maximum Performance

Cryogenic, exhaust, water treatment, hydrocarbon emissions, HVAC, industrial, and petrochemical piping systems are subject to physical forces – vibration, thermal expansion, cold temperature contraction, corrosive materials, seismic movement, pressure, turbulent flow of materials – that generate noise, leaks, friction, and misalignment that decrease efficiency and increase downtime.

To get maximum performance from a piping system, every piece must be custom-engineered and tested to meet your requirements. To deliver that, we place great importance on the first step – understanding your system and your expectations – by asking you critical questions that aid us in the review and revision of your system design.

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Featured Project

Cenflex is ISO 9001:2015 certified and committed to superior products and service.

Certified ISO

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