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Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association (TTMA) hoses work with TTMA flanges, forming an integral component of fluid transfer systems in the petroleum industry. They play a crucial role in facilitating the connection between various elements in the transporting and handling of liquids, particularly in truck trailer systems.

At Cenflex, we specialize in delivering high-quality TTMA hoses and flange accessories, catering to the diverse needs of the fluid transfer industry. Our commitment to precision manufacturing ensures that every product meets stringent industry standards for reliability and performance.

Cenflex’s Premium Hose Assemblies

Cenflex offers two primary TTMA hose assemblies, each meticulously crafted to meet the specific demands of fluid transfer operations:

4” x 18” Assembly

Our 4” x 18” hose assembly provides a specialized solution for counterweight bottom-loading arms. It consists of a 4” 321 stainless steel corrugated metal hose with a single layer of 304 stainless steel braid, ensuring flexibility and durability. It also features 0.5” thick carbon steel flanges for a robust construction. One flange is welded directly to the hose, while the other floats on a stub to enhance flexibility and adaptability in real-world operational scenarios.

Fixed Flange x Fixed Flange TTMA Assembly

Our fixed flange-to-fixed flange TTMA configuration, commonly known as bottom loading or drop hose, is custom-made to order. It comes in various sizes — from 48” to 170” — with the flexibility to be made to any length required. This assembly is designed to cater to multiple operational setups, meeting the specific needs of diverse fluid transfer applications.

Our Comprehensive TTMA Accessories

Beyond hose assemblies, Cenflex offers a range of meticulously designed TTMA accessories that complement and enhance fluid transfer operations.


Cenflex provides extensions with a 4” TTMA flange welded to a pipe on both sides. This design adds flexibility to the overall fluid transfer system, allowing for extended reach without compromising the integrity of the connection.


Adapters connect different components within a fluid transfer system. Cenflex offers TTMA adapters specifically designed for compatibility with ANSI or other connections. This ensures that our adapters can seamlessly integrate with various industry-standard links, offering a versatile solution for diverse operational setups.

TTMA Elbows

We provide TTMA elbows with a TTMA flange welded to a schedule 40 pipe elbow on each end. This design allows for the efficient redirection of fluid flow, accommodating changes in direction within the system. The robust construction of these elbows ensures durability and reliability, which are essential in maintaining the overall integrity of the fluid transfer process.


This configuration suits scenarios requiring a connection between TTMA and ANSI components. It features a TTMA flange welded to a schedule 40 pipe elbow on one end and a Raised Face Slip-On (RFSO) flange on the other. This design ensures a seamless transition between TTMA and ANSI connections, providing a reliable and secure link between different elements of the fluid transfer system.

Quality Assurance and Testing

All of Cenflex’s TTMA flanges undergo in-house laser cutting from 0.5” thick A36 steel. Assembly and welding are meticulously performed, with each product undergoing a bubble leak test. This eliminates pinholes or defects in the hose or weld, ensuring a product that stands up to the demanding standards of the petroleum industry.

Cenflex: Your #1 Source for Premium TTMA Hose and Flange Assemblies

Revolutionize your fluid transfer system with Cenflex’s specialized TTMA hose assemblies and accessories. We offer a range of TTMA products, all crafted with precision in America. Moreover, our ISO 9001:2015 certified production facilities ensure top-notch quality management, delivering superior products and services to our customers.

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